About Us

Halfcocked Targets, LLC was created to fulfill the demand for high quality, low-cost steel targets. We are a group of avid shooters, who have designed, redesigned, and manufactured our targets with quality, safety, and performance in mind. All Halfcocked targets…


… are water jet cut to maintain maximum steel integrity.

            Plasma and laser cutting can introduce a large amount of heat into the target, especially along the edges, which softens the steel and reduces its molecular properties.  The area around the heat source is known as the heat affected zone (HAZ).  The steel in the HAZ around the edges of the target is softer and can dent or crack after repeated use. Shooting at steel that is softened in this manner can be hazardous. Some manufacturers claim that the HAZ is anywhere from 3mm to a few centimeters or more.  We aren’t here to debate the amount of heat damage either of these methods creates.  We choose not to introduce any heat into the manufacturing of our steel targets.  We choose to cut all of our steel using a water jet which creates no heat.


…are designed to mount without welding on the target also maintaining maximum steel integrity.

            Welding also introduces large amounts of heat into the target creating a HAZ (see above). Again, we are not here to debate the amount of damage this creates, we simply don’t weld brackets to the back of our steel. We choose to use the carriage bolt method of mounting. Some manufacturers claim that splatter from the round hitting the steel can potentially be deflected off the carriage bolt head. We have not found this to be the case. The carriage bolt head sticks out a minuscule 0.208 inches and has a domed convex head. If you do hit a bolt, one of two things happens. The round is either deflected in the same manner as hitting the face of the target, (20 degrees or less). Or, if the bolt is weakened from repeated hits, the bolt head will be pushed through the mounting hole and will need to be replaced. We have found that replacing a carriage bolt for a few dollars is a 


…are designed to utilize both sides of the target to maximize safety and double the life of the target.

            Continued heavy use of a steel target will eventually cause the edges of the target to curve away from the shooter.  In order to preserve the steel in a flat condition, and get the longest use out of them, all of our targets are designed so they can be turned over easily. Steel targets should be turned often after use.  If a steel target becomes curved more than ¼”, do not use with the concave surface facing the shooter.  Place a straightedge horizontally across the face of the target. The straightedge should be less than 1/4” away from the target at its center.


…are designed to mount at a downward sloping angle to allow for the deflection of bullet impact energy.



are designed to move when fired upon to allow for greater absorption of impact energy.

            Our mounting kits include a spring that fits around the carriage bolt. This allows greater absorption of the bullet impact energy when the target is fired upon.


- are easy to set up.

            Our mounting kits make set up extremely easy. Or you can use what you have at home to hang a target (old seatbelts, chains, cables, carriage bolts, etc.)


- provides instant sight and sound feedback which helps to program muscle memory and improve performance.


- are very affordable.

            You won’t find a better deal for the same quality. If you do, let us know.